About Us

Who We Are
We are a company founded by Elana Pick, Anatoli Samochornov and Yuliya Tsaplina, three conference interpreters with decades of experience in simultaneous and consecutive interpretation and thousands of booth hours between us. Our goal is to connect you with the best Russian/English interpreters on both sides of the Atlantic, while minimizing levels of intermediaries.

We are experts in conference interpreting. At Interpreter Boutique you will find only the very best interpreters in the field. Please take a look at the testimonials from our clients to see what they have to say about us.

We are very different from all other Translation & Interpretation agencies that claim to offer all kinds of services, from transcription and translation to localization.  We do only one thing – interpreting – and we do it well.   Interpretation is a highly specialized field that requires graduate level training, unique skills and aptitudes, and extensive experience. Our expertise is in professional simultaneous & consecutive interpretation at conferences, seminars, business meetings and negotiations, a guarantee of successful intercultural communication at your event. To assure the best quality, Interpreter Boutique follows AIIC guidance on interpreters’ working conditions.

We are open and transparent in our business practices and we are pleased to introduce our team of interpreters to you. When you contact us, we will help you assemble a team of interpreters with experience in your industry, and advise on appropriate interpretation equipment to cater to your specific event.

See an interview with Yuliya about the art of conference interpretation, courtesy of ICANN

Where we’ve worked
September 2016:
Social Good Summit sponsored by UNDP, United Nations Foundation, Mashable, Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, 92nd Street Y
– US AID 5-day Training Program Tuberculosis and Drug Resistant Tuberculosis Diagnostics and Patient Treatment Management: Best U.S. Practices at the New Jersey Medical School Global Tuberculosis Institute at Rutgers

June 2016:
– See Anatoli Samochornov interpreting for Nobel Prize winner Svetlana Alexievich

January 2016:
– Tolya and Elana interpreted for the US-Russia Track II Initiative, Legal Issues in the Syrian Political Transition, New York University School of Law

November 2015:
– Elana interpreted for UN WOMEN – Towards Planet 50-50 by 2030 UN Women Global Civil Society Dialogue: Galvanizing action for accountability and impact
– Elana interpreted at Week of Kazakh Art in the US, Astana, Ballet Performance at the Lincoln Center held to mark the Independance Day of Kazakhstan and the candidature of Kazakhstan to the Security Council for 2017-2018.

September 2015:
– Tolya and Elana interpreted for UCI Management Committee Meeting and World Champinoship, Richmond VA

July 2015:
Elana qualified as an ATA Grader for English into Russian certification exam.
Yuliya taught an intensive class in conference interpretation at Glendon College in Toronto.
Yuliya interpreted at the 6th International Tax Dialogue Global
– Conference held at the OECD in Paris.

June 2015:
Yuliya interpreted at the ICANN 53 in Buenos Aires.
Yuliya interpreted at the International Union of Railways Standardization Conference.
Yuliya interpreted at the 120th session of the OECD Council Working Party on Shipbuilding.
– United Nations Alliance of Civilizations, Conference on the Notion of Progress in the Diversity of the World Cultures

May 2015:
Yuliya taught an intensive class in conference interpretation from English and French into Russian at Glendon College in Toronto.

April 2015:
Elana and Anatoliy interpreted at the Global Consultation Workshop on the Review for a Strengthened EU Policy on Indigenous Peoples in New York.
Yuliya interpreted at the OECD in Paris.

March 2015:
Elana and Anatoliy interpreted for George Clooney and Ruben Vardanian at the Council on Foreign Relations.
– Nissan Motor Corporation, Global Dealer Advisory Panel Meeting in New York, NY

February 2015:
Yuliya interpreted at ICANN 52 in Singapore.