• 1992-1994 University of Washington, Seattle, Washington. MBA in marketing and finance
• 1985-1991 Institute of Foreign Languages, Nizhny Novgorod, Russia. MA in Conference Interpretation. Languages: Russian, English, Spanish

Conference Interpreting

• Conference Interpreter Russian (A), English (B)
• Passed the State Department interpretation test with a designation of conference interpreter

Business, Banking and Finance

• Bank of New York Mellon sponsored visits of Gazprom and Lukoil
• Visit of the Finance Minister of Kazakhstan
• Troika Dialogue Annual Conference
• Renaissance Capital Annual Conference
• Bear Stearns Investors Conference
• Gazprom New York Events
• Lukoil New York Events (ex: Lukoil/Conoco Board Meeting)
• General Consulate of Kazakhstan events
• General Consulate of Russian Federation Events
• Bechtel sponsored meeting on DTRA projects in Kazakhstan
• World Bank Conferences for Public Utilities and
Telecommunications Regulators
• Dow Jones Conferences “Investing in Russia”
• Morrison Knudsen Sponsored US/Ukraine Conference on
“Cooperative Threat Reduction”
• Financial Services Volunteer Corps “Clearing System in the US”
Conference for the Central Banks of Ukraine and Russia
• Bank of NY Conferences on American Depositary Receipts
• New York Stock Exchange, “Compliance Training Seminar”
• Geonomics Institute, Conference on Defense Conversion
• US Russia Business Council events

US Government Assignments

• DOD delegations to the US
• DOC delegations to the US
• SEC Emerging Markets Training
• G8 Foreign Ministers dinner at the UN General Assembly
• Visit of the Kazakh Ministry of Internal Affairs
• DEA conference with Russian Anti-Drug Administration
• Marshall Center visits to New York
• Delegation of the Ministry of Defense of Uzbekistan to West Point, NY
• Department of Commerce SABIT tours
• Visit of the Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Tajikistan
• ATAP Post Blast Investigation and other projects
• NIST/Department of Commerce Standards Training Programs in
Telecommunications, Construction and Information Technology
• First Lady of Moldova visit to US
• Numerous International Visitor Programs on a variety of topics
• Defense Threat Reduction Conferences, New York, Washington, Buenos Aires etc.

Non-Government Organizations

• UN Human Rights Committee hearings, New York
• Columbia University, Harriman Institute events
• ABA, CEELI, Judicial Court Administration Training
• World Bank/Bill and Melinda Gates Project on Fighting TB in Russia
• UN/UNESCO Children’s Forum
• Klebnikov Fund events
• Committee to Protect Journalists events

Arts and Media
• Russian Film Festival, New York
• Simultaneous interpreting for the Mayoral and Presidential debates on RTVI, New York

Other Activities

• US Department of State, New York, NY. Program officer. Plan itineraries, schedule meetings and oversee logistics for visitors of the US Department of State Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs International Visitor Program.
• Bear Stearns, New York, NY. Assistant to Managing Director, Private Client Services.
• Universal Ogden, Seattle, WA and Prudhoe Bay, AK. International Project Manager.

• Available upon request