Interpreter Boutique is an interpreter-owned business that provides the highest quality interpretation – sometimes referred to as simultaneous translation – between Russian and English, while minimizing potentially costly layers of intermediaries. Call or e-mail us, and our experts will advise you how to best plan linguistic support and interpretation for your multilingual conference or meeting. Give us a chance to show you how easy, pleasant, and cost effective it is to work directly with true professionals.

In recent news:
September 2016:
Social Good Summit sponsored by UNDP, United Nations Foundation, Mashable, Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, 92nd Street Y
– US AID 5-day Training Program Tuberculosis and Drug Resistant Tuberculosis, Global Tuberculosis Institute at Rutgers
In recent news:
January 2016:
– Tolya and Elana interpreted for the US-Russia Track II Initiative. Legal Issues in the Syrian Political Transition, New York University School of Law.