Areas of specialization and proficiency (listed alphabetically): Administrative, Business, Criminal and International Law; Banking, Investment Banking, Finance; Education; Environmental Protection and Security; Health Care; Human Rights; Insurance; Marketing; Psychology; Psychiatry; Public Relations; Social Sciences

 Legal Interpreting experience (highlights over the last five years): depositions, settlement conferences, trials, telephone conferences for courts, US Att. Offices, New York State Office of the Attorney General, FEMA, Federal Courts (2013: Eastern District NY – US v. Drivas et al; Southern District NY – US v. Domnitser et al); London Court of International Arbitration – contract dispute; United States Patent and Trademark Office.

 Medical Interpreting experience (highlights over the last three years): medical and therapy sessions, focus groups, medical equipment medical equipment training sessions, webcasts and seminars (Accuray, Mead Johnson, Merck, Octapharma, Open Society Institute, Pfizer, Veith Symposiums, World Federation for Hemophilia).

 Financial Interpreting experience (highlights over the last five years): U.S. State Department, banks and financial institutions (UBS, Chase Bank, Bank of New York, Merrill Lynch, Alfa Bank… among many) – road shows, training sessions in risk management, contract negotiations, investment opportunities, loans and credit lines …

Simultaneous Interpreting experience highlights (over the last 7 years): numerous international events, including series of international seminars and conferences at the UN, UNDP, UN Women, USAID, Open Society Institute, Kaiser Family Foundation, CDC and variety of private clients, such as:
Parliamentarians for Global Action Consultative Assembly for the International Criminal Court and the Rule of Law (at the UN, New York);
New York Film Festival;
National Tuberculosis Curriculum Consortium in San Diego;
UBS Road Shows, New York and Boston – 2005 through 2009;
Channel One Russia Worldwide (C1RW), New York, – December 2005;
USAID Round Table “Health Crisis in Turkmenistan” – January 2006;
UNGASS “Stop AIDS”- May 2006, New York;
Merrill Lynch Financial Investor Conference – December 2006, New York;
UBS – Russia ‘One on One’ – March 2007, New York;
RenCap Securities, 6th Annual Investor Conference – October 2007, New York;
Series of One-on-One meetings with investor, Merrill Lynch –2007,
2008: UNIFEF Global Summit – February 2008; UBS “One-on-One” Road Show – March 2008;
J&J Investigators Meeting (clinical trials) – April 2008;
interpreter for Mr. Alexander Voloshin during his visit to the US – June 2008;
high-level meetings during the United Nations General Assembly Annual Meeting in New York, 2009; Russian Film Week in New York – 2010;
Merck (briefings, investigator meetings, webcasts) – 2009, 2010;
United Nations Global Compact Leaders Summit 2010 – June 23 – 25, New York;
Hemophilia World 2010 Congress – July 2010, Buenos Aires, Argentina;
WTC EHC Forum “Surviving and Thriving After 9/11: Addressing the Health Impact of 9/11 on the Community – September 2010”; WHO International Advisory Committee on NCDs – UN, New York, September 2010;
International Symposium “Tolstoy in the Twenty-First Century”, 2010;
United Nations Women “Women Connect Across Conflicts: Facilitating women’s participation in peace-building and conflict prevention – February 2011;
First Global Assembly for Budget Transparency, Accountability and Participation, Tanzania, Dar Es Salaam, 2011;
International Holocaust Remembrance Day, UN Headquarters, New York – January 25, 2012; XVII International Congress on Rehabilitation in Medicine and Immunorehabilitation, April 21-24, 2012 in New York;
Exxon Mobil and Rosneft Press Conference, NYC, April 2012; 15th
International Congress on Circumpolar Health in Fairbanks, Alaska, August 2012; 7th International Conference on Tularemia, Colorado, September 2012;
VEITH Symposium, November 2012, New York;
Doctors without Borders Symposium, December 2012, New York;
FEMA, Department of Homeland Security, NYS, December – January 2013;
Jaguar and Land Rover Press events – March 2013;
Dr Reddy’s Laboratories, Inc – 3-day marketing seminar, Babson College, MA – October 2013;
UNDP – Training for KAZAID, December 2013;
GE – Global Customer Summit,
March 31 – April 3;
Seminar on latest IVF methodology at NYU and New York Presbyterian Cornell – April 14-17…

Former clients include: Prime-Minister of Russian Federation Viktor Chernomyrdin, His Excellency Former Prime Minister of Russian Federation, the Presidential Plenipotentiary to the Volga Region Sergei Kirienko (at the Davos Forum in New York), Former US Ambassador to the United Nations Dr. Jean Kirkpatrick, President Putin Chief of Staff Mr. Alexander Voloshin, other dignitaries, including Supreme Court Justices and trial and juvenile court judges from Central Asia

Expertise in teaching and training, including teaching the Russian language and training in consecutive and over the phone medical interpreting at major NYC hospitals (training bilingual medical staff and volunteers); developing syllabus (including trainer’s manual, training handbook, scripted dialogues and role plays, evaluation tests, 56-page general medical English/Russian glossary; the English/Russian course in Medical Consecutive Interpreting at the NYU School of Continuing Education and Professional Studies (160 contact hours).


– Various continuing education courses, ATA Annual Conferences and Seminars

– Duke University, Slavic Languages Studies, Summer Institute
– Ph.D. in Education from the USSR Academy of Sciences
– Master’s Degree in Journalism from Moscow State University
– Master’s Degree from Teachers Training Institute, Tbilisi, Georgia



– American Translators Association, active, certified

– IMIA, active, CMI

– NCIHC, active, CMI

– New York Circle of Translators

– People to People International